Makeup Monday: Icy Blue Hue

So, this is the first Makeup Monday since the craziness of what we all know as Halloween. Side note: I hope you all liked our Halloween posts, we enjoyed doing them for you guys. OK so, lets get to this makeup. I was totally inspired by MAC's holiday products. Everything is so icy and there are blues and silvers and glitter everywhere, I LOVE IT! 
I decided to do an icy blue eye this time. I'm also hoping by doing this tutorial it will inspire Texas to get cold and possibly have some snow in the near future. Fat chance I know, but can't a girl dream? 
Step 1.) Start with a nude eye, as always, apply any primer you have. 
Step 2.)Take your big fluffy brush and apply a white or nude shade all over your lid. Also apply to the brow bone. You want the light to catch the shimmer there to give you a more glowy look.
Step 3.) Apply a gold shadow to your top lid and in the crease of your eye, then take a deeper gold and apply in the crease just for a little dimension.
Step 4.) Take any blue cream shadow or blue eyeliner and line your top lid. You want to smudge it into the outer corner of your eye as well. Blend as you desire.
Step 5.) Line your lower lash line with the blue as well and smudge. Take a black or charcoal eye liner and line your water line on both the top and bottom lids.
Step 6.) Apply a peach blush to the apples of your cheeks, just for a bit of a glow.
Step 7.) Apply a peachy lip stick or lip gloss to your lips. I wanted to stay with a more nude eye since this look is more about your eyes.
You are done!
This can be a great everyday look or even a great holiday party look. Feel free to try them in both settings, I know I will.
Good luck ladies!

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