Stripes x 3

Hello friends!! Happy Tuesday to you! It's that time again.....time for a new 3 way style! This was one of our favorites we've done so far. We decided to style up a striped dress from Forever21. It is super comfy, plus it literally looked good on all of us! Check out how we styled it!

This three way style was by far my favorite. Partly because this dress was super comfy but also because we're finally getting to dress in fall clothes! I love the look of a dress with a blazer thrown over it. There's something about a blazer that makes me feel "put together" Oh and ya like my belt? It was a little diy project that Katy did. Thanks Katy!  

First let me say this has been one of my favorite 3 way styles. Partly because I love this outfit and mostly because Im crazy in love with this jacket. Its vintage Forever 21, we dug it out for this outfit because I mean why not! Oh and those boots...I mean c'mon! I dig this look. Its so "I have incredible style but Im not trying to hard" kinda look. LOVE!

In case your wondering, YES I am wearing the dress backwards! I am a super fan of wearing things backwards.....i normally just stick to shirts and dresses, i don't think anyone wants to see me with my pants backwards! I get a lot of grief from my sisters for doing this but i think as long as the tag isn't showing and your rocking it, Who Cares! I'm so excited i got to wear my faux fur vest, i think fur makes every outfit just a little more glamourous!


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