Hello Guys! Today were bringing you us...via instagram. Do you have instagram? If you do add us, were thestyledossier. You can see our pics via the world wide web here if you don't have instagram! 
1. This past weekend we spent the whole day baking cookies...these are just some of many!
2. A list of pick up lines for girls to use on guys....hilarious!
3. Hall and Oates pandora station was rockin' my world with this song
4. We are working on a hair tutorial video...comin' your way!
5. Pub Run time...as elves of course!
6. baking nut clusters....recipe here!
7. Christmas Tree!!
8. new fav chips....all of us are fans!
9. Mandy and Libby blur dancing....those crazies...
10. Seriously Hall and Oates pandora station is the bomb.com
11. shoppin' for yarn....its scarf time!
12. Cute Pixie (our cat)

Have a wonderful day!!


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