Holiday Hairstyle.....Embellished Headpiece

Hi everyone! Wow Christmas is coming so fast, we're already on our holiday hair tutorial #3. This time we're showing you just one way to wear an embellished headpiece. Around the holidays I love to wear anything that sparkles. Headbands, hair clips, bows & the list goes on & on! You can wear an embellished headpiece with any type of hairstyle this is just one holiday hairstyle that I loved.
You'll need:
root lifter
teasing comb
bobby pins
embellished headpiece

Step 1. Spray a little root lifter into your roots. Take your teasing brush & tease your crown.
Step 2. Gather one small piece of hair on your left side, bring it to the right side & pin onto your head w/ a bobby pin. Do the same with a piece of hair on your right side. Your making a criss cross motion.
Step 3. Continue the criss cross motion with your hair. Remember small pieces of hair work best.
Step 4. When you pin down your hair try your best to hide the bobby pins underneath your hair.
Step 5. When you've criss crossed your hair all the way to the bottom take a small piece of hair from underneath & wrap it around the loose hair on the bottom to create a ponytail. Take a bobby pin & securely pin that piece of hair underneath.
Step 6. When you've secured your ponytail you can start to take out a few bobby pins that may be poking out. I only take out about 2 or three. Remember you don't want the whole thing to fall out but it can "lay loose"
Step 7. Add your embellished or sparkly
headpiece. This is a necklace that I use as a headband.
Step 8. Voila'! Done

We're working on hopefully doing some DIY's for some sparkly, fun headpieces for the holidays so stay tuned!


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