Holiday Hairstyle....Old Hollywood Glam Hair

Hi y'all! Mandy passed the reins to me today. Instead of Makeup Monday I'm doing "Hair" Monday. I have lots of holiday hair tutorials to show y'all & I just couldn't wait to get started! First up Old Hollywood Glam. It's by far the easiest holiday hairstyle, just three easy steps. Plus it looks great on everybody.
You'll need:
hot rollers

Step 1. Heat up your rollers, once they are nice & hot start rolling up your hair. Make sure when you put the rollers in your hair that you tuck your ends under. This will keep your ends nice & smooth. I always roll my hair this particular way.  
Step 2. Leave the rollers in for about 15 minutes or until they are cool. I like to do my makeup during this time. Once you take out the rollers gently brush the curls out. Shape the curls to help frame your face.
Step 3. Set with hairspray & you're all done!
This is a great hairstyle for any occasion. If you don't have hot rollers a jumbo 2" curling iron will do just fine. When you release the curl just pin it with a bobby pin & allow it to cool.
*style tip- this hairstyle looks great with one side tucked behind your ear to show off those great earrings

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