Holiday Makeup Monday


step 1- Always start with an eyelid primer, dust a sheer neutral shade all over your lid. 
step 2- take a tan color and apply it right in the crease of your eye, we are creating depth and dimension (but with neutral tones)
**we want to keep the eye neutral for this look, as we are putting the focus on your amazing lipstick
step 3- Take a bronze color and with a small eyeshadow brush, sweep this color on the lower lash line and in the inner corner of your eye. Still keeping in natural but adding depth and glam to your eyes as well. 
step 4- Line your top lash line ONLY using pencil or liquid liner. I'm using pencil here but liquid would look just as glam!
step 5- Curl your lashes and add mascara, I always apply two coats just for that little extra pop to my eyes. Make sure to let your lashes try in between each coats.
step 6- Add your favorite blush to the apples of your cheeks. A soft pink or a rose color will look stunning with this look. 
step 7- Apply two coats of a purple lipstick. I know what your thinking, purple? Yes trust me it looks amazing. 
**If your not as brave to just have the purple on, you can always layer one coat purple and one coat red lipstick. This will give the red a HUGE boost and bring the color out even more!

Hope you like this Holiday look!



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