Holiday Hairstyle.....Va Va Voluminous Curls

Hi friends! The holidays are just a few weeks away and if we could we'd make sure to get everyone of you a gift but we have the next best thing......tutorials! Lots of holiday hair tutorials. We posted our Top 5 Holiday Hairstyles and we can't wait to bring our "How To's" your way. First up volumized curls & lots of them.
You'll need:
heat protectant
curling iron
bobby pins
teasing comb
Step 1. Spray your hair all over with a heat protectant.
Step 2. Section off your hair & start curling 1 inch pieces of hair away from your face.
Step 3. After you curl each section take your bobby pins & wrap your hair around your finger. Pin the hair onto your head securely.
Step 4. Leave the bobby pins in for about 15 minutes allowing your hair to cool. Fell free to do your makeup during this time.
Step 5. Once all of your hair has cooled down take out your bobby pins.
Step 6. After all your bobby pins are taken out run your fingers through your hair, separating your curls.
Step 7.  Take your teasing comb and start teasing your roots. The more volume the better.
Step 8.  Don't forget to curl your bangs if you have any. I always curl my bangs last.
Step 9. Voila' rock those sexy curls!

Stay tuned for lots more holiday hair tutorials, we won't disappoint you!


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