Add a little TEXTURE to your life

Ever since I got my haircut I've embraced my natural hair texture. A little wavy & sometimes frizzy, yup I'm one of those girls that SWEARS by frizz ease. Since my hair is shorter I've learned to be a little more playful with it. This is one look I normally wouldn't have worn with my longer hair (I was in a hair rut) But now fun Libby gets to come out!!
Step 1. Blow dry your hair about 80% dry. Don't blow dry it smooth leave it a little messy.
Step 2. Take a quarter size amount of gel & scrunch the ends your hair.
Step 3. Secure your hair with bobby pins right above your ear.
Step 4. Grab your curling iron & curl just your ends. Don't worry about making the curls nice & neat, I say the messier the better.
Step 5. Take your teasing brush & tease your curls. Make sure to make them nice & BIG!

I love this look it's a little 1920's & a whole lotta fun! It's great for when I need a cute hairstyle fast. How do you like our new "step by step" layout? Isn't Katy a graphics genius, thanks Katy!!!! 



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