Humpday Links

Just a few of our favorite links to get you through this humpday. Happy linking!!
  • I am dying to make this necklace i saw on MadeByGirl....it looks so easy and chic!
  • These excercises by Amanda Russell look like something i can totally do, especially to lose those unwanted holiday pounds!
  • I recently started stalking reading Court+Hudson....how i missed this awesome blog is beyond me!
  • I am dying to make these cinnamon brown butter breakfast puffs from smitten kitchen....these would be worth waking up early for!
  • I cannot...literally CANNOT stop watching this video....it always puts me in the best mood, now if only i knew what they were saying!
  • In 2011 we couldn't get enough of Ms. Nina Holland. If there is one thing you should do for 2012 check out our friend Nina's blog!
  • Every winter we buy pan dulce, in my opinion its one of the best desserts. My goal is to use this recipe & my oven to make my own
  • The one hair product I cannot live without are my hot rollers! I've put this link up many many times but I swear by it. If you want sexy hair try this hair tutorial
  • There is one dessert that I'm dying to try. These salted fudge brownies look delish the pictures don't do it justice
  • YouTube is of course my favorite. There's one channel that all of us absolutely adore. Kin Community has the BEST video's. I just want to warn you don't watch them if you're hungry
Have a fabulous Wednesday :)



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