Makeup Monday: Gradient!


So last week I was sifting through Seventeen magazine, and yes I still read Seventeen. Maybe not the prom issue, that would be weird. I came across these gradient lips and I practically fell in love. In the magazine they look so much more awesome. But it gave me the idea to share them with you. This look is a little more toned down then in the magazine but still interesting enough to be cool.

I'm just showing the lips this time because well, all the rest of the makeup should just stay simple-like this!

Step 1: Take a coral lipstick and apply this all over your lips.
**make sure to blot after each application
Step 2: Apply a fuchsia color on top but only to the center of your lips and smudge out with your fingertips.
Step 3: Take an orange color and add it to the very center of your lips. Smudge a little out with your fingertip also.
You can add a gloss or keep it matte, your preference. 
Get funky and creative with it also and try some different colors!!


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