How to get a Golden Smokey Eye

I usually leave the makeup tutorials to Mandy but this was too good to not pass along. I was recently looking for a totally different smokey eye & thanks to Smashbox I think I found it. It's totally rockerish & totally easy!
I'm the type of girl that will spend a lot of time on my hair but I only want to spend 10 minutes on my makeup. That's why this golden smokey eye is perfect for me! I wore it for a night out & this look took me about 10 minutes but my hair took 45 minutes, go figure?
Step 1. Line your eye with a cream eyeliner
Step 2. Use your brush & blend the cream eyeliner  up onto your eyelid until you reach your crease
Step 3. Take your black eye shadow & place it over your cream eyeliner. You want to make sure the eyeliner stays put
Step 4. Take your cream eyeliner & line underneath your eye. The eyeliner should be a tad darker on your outer corners of your eye. When you reach the inner corner it should almost dissapear
Step 5. Take your black eye shadow & go over your eyeliner just like in step 3
Step 6. Take your cream eyeliner once again & line your waterline. You don't want ANY white to show through, you want to see all black
Step 7. Take a gold shadow & tap it just on your inner corner of your eye

This look was so fun to do I'm already picking the next place to wear it out to :)
Have a great hump day!!



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