Loop it up!

I'm not a big ponytail girl. But when I do wear a ponytail I love to wear it in a fun, totally different way. This ponytail was featured in a magazine & it looked so cool & interesting, needless to say I wanted to recreate it. It was one of those looks that I spent a LOT of time playing with my hair. Realistically though it's the easiest ponytail ever. When we were taking pictures for this look it literally took no time @ all. It's a cool looped ponytail that adds just enough pizazz. I hope y'all like this totally fun totally different ponytail!
STEP 1. Put your hair into a side ponytail
STEP 2. While your hair is still in the side ponytail separate your hair so that there is a hole in the middle, above the rubber band
STEP 3. Take the bottom half of the ponytail & flip it through the hole
STEP 4. Keep pulling your hair through the hole until it feels nice & secure

I always love finding new ways to do a ponytail. If y'all know of a fun new way pass it along, I'd love to recreate it!


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