a fun way to wear a headband

Every where I look everyone is wearing headbands. When did they become popular again? Really I don't care when they became fashionable again I just know I want to jump on that band wagon. Plus this "headband" look is so easy to pull off with EVERY hair length. Teasing your roots, pulling your hair back & slapping on a cute headband, who would pass up that hairstyle?
Step 1. Take your teasing brush & give your roots a good 'ol tease (if you have dry shampoo spray your roots w/ that first then tease, the volume will last longer) 
Step 2. Smooth over your roots just a little bit so it looks a little polished. Not to polished though, messy is still cute
Step 3. Take the bottom half of your hair & wrap into a loose bun
Step 4. Take your headband & place it on top of your head, make sure your volumized roots are peaking out from behind the headband

If this isn't the best way to wear the cutest headbands I don't know what is. Hmmm now where can I get a bright lime green headband?


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