Posh Party Time!

This weekend we'll be headin' over to ATX to attend our very first bloggers conference. Aaaaah so exciting!!!! It's our very first TxSC & we're thrilled, nervous, stressed & pretty much everything in between.
One event that we're so excited about is the Poshmark Posh Party this Saturday night. We've already got our dresses lined up & we're ready to go. But wait there's great news, it's a VIRTUAL shopping party. That means even if you can't attend the party you can still join in the fun!
All you have to do is..
Download the free Poshmark app from iTunes store & join the virtual shopping party @ 8pm-10pm CST
Check out all the party dresses that the ladies @ TxSC are selling (since they are all fashion bloggers you know they will have some cute stuff)
Oh & did I mention you can sell some of your own items during the party too, pretty cool right?

We can't wait for this weekend! We hope y'all can join us via Poshmark :) Now excuse me while I go pack another suitcase.....


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