Going Green!

My nails are forever changing, and lately I've kind of been going through a design phase. One color just hasn't been doing it for me. Since St. Patricks Day is coming up I was thinking about what design I could do on my nails. Voila this is what I came up with! 

Stripes with a sort of gradient effect makes for delicious nails -- right? yes!

(P.S. Sorry for the messed up lines on the finished product, thats what happens when you don't allow proper drying time. I know y'all are smarter than me so I won't worry)

1. Paint your nails with the color you want in the middle of the stripes.
2. Put a strip of tape in the center of your nail (you may need to cut the tape to your liking)
3. Paint your nails with the lightest green on the top part of your nail. 
4. Paint the end of your nail with the darkest green. 
(give a good amount of time for them to dry then peel the tape off)


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