At home pedi in 8 easy steps

Aaaaah summer you're officially here! It's about time we get to break out the swimsuits, put on our big floppy hats & rock those sky high wedges. First things first, summer's all about having a stunning pedicure. Don't worry we got ya covered!!8_step_pedicure
STEP 1. Fill a bowl with warm water & a handful of epsom salt. Let your feet soak for about about 10 minutes.
STEP 2. Take a foot file (we prefer our ped egg) & gently buff your feet to get rid of any dry skin or callouses. This will leave your feet nice & smooth!
STEP 3. Take a foot scrub of your choice we used "lem-oe-nut", & scrub your feet for a few good minutes then rinse off.
STEP 4. Take your nail clippers & trim your toe nails. Use your nail file to round out the edges of your nails & use your cuticle pusher to gently push back your cuticles. I like to use the same tool to clean underneath my toe nails.
STEP 5. Take your nail buffer & buff every toe nail. Most nail buffers have the steps written on the actual buffer itself. When you take the time to buff your nails it helps the nail polish last longer. Make sure to take a tiny bit of nail polish remover & remove any gunk from your nails before STEP 6, you want your nail polish to go on smoothly!
STEP 6.  Take a base coat & apply it to your toe nail. After that dries paint your toe nails with your favorite color. When the color is good & dry slap on a top coat to ensure the color won't chip
STEP 7.  Take a q-tip & dip it in a tiny bit of olive oil & rub it along your cuticles this helps to moisturize them, also be sure to clean up any stray polish left on your skin!
STEP 8. Grab your favorite lotion & slather some onto your feet, try to avoid your toe nails they may still be wet from the polish!

Hope these steps help you get that rockin' pedicure :)



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