Floating Braided Crown

The past couple of months I've had SEVERE "hair block" I just can't seem to think of any hairstyles good enough to put on the blog (sorry for the lack of tutorials) Thankfully Katy had a great idea for a hair post, talk about lifesaver!
For me braids are the BEST hair accessory hands down. This look is totally easy & totally cute! It takes about 5 minutes, yup that's right only 5 minutes. We did a holiday hair tutorial similar to this hairstyle. See, for us braids are perfect for all occasions....holiday, summer & everything in between.braided crown STEP 1.  Use a teasing comb & tease your crown. Now take two sections of hair right above your ears & braid them. Tie them off with a clear rubber band.
STEP 2.  Use your fingers & start to separate your braid a little bit. You want the braid to look fuller & more relaxed.
STEP 3. Take one braid & bring it around to the opposite side of your hair. Use a bobby pin & secure it to your head. Do the same exact thing with your other braid. Try your best to hide the bobby pins in your hair, this will give your braids that "floating look"



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