How to make your lipstick last longer

During the summer I rarely wear makeup & I pretty much don't touch my hair. Bronzer, lip gloss & sea salt spray are my best friends all summer long. Now that fall is right around the corner, I'm actually busting out my hair dryer & my red lipstick, aaaah I love fall! With all those bold lips making a comeback, I have some quick tips to get your lipstick to stay longer. Taking just a couple extra minutes is all it takes!LONLASTINGLIP
 STEP 1.  Take some concealer & apply it to your lips
STEP 2. Take your lip liner, a nude color or a color as close to your lipstick as possible, line & also fill in your lips. This will give the lipstick something to hold on to
STEP 3. Apply your lipstick
STEP 4. Grab a tissue & blot to remove any excess lipstick
STEP 5. Reapply your lipstick, to build up the color
STEP 6. Take a fluffy brush & dust a little bit of translucent powder on your lips & you're done!!



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