Glowing summer skin

Recently I've been reading all my labels on my beauty products. The thought of having Fragrance 1 or any other weird ingredient on my face is to much for me to handle. You know what one ingredient a LOT of beauty products have in common is, Glycerin. That little ingredient is probably in just about every facial product or hair product you own. Actually that ingredient works wonders when you pair it with some simple things like honey, egg whites, lemon juice or oats. Glycerin is a humectant, which means it attracts moisture to your skin. However if you use just pure glycerin it can dry out your skin so remember to ALWAYS dilute it. Glycerin is very easy to come by and it's very easy to make a facial mask with. I'm talking throw two or three ingredients in a bowl and you're done. Your face will be soft and glowing after using this honey and glycerin mask. Some people even call it a miracle mask!


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