Homemade Pretzels with Roasted Jalapeno Cheese Sauce

We love this time of year. It's Spurs playoff time! Usually the Spurs playoff games aren't complete for us without guacamole and Dos Eguis. Lately we've been in need of a change. Now when four girls are looking for a new recipe where's the first place they go to, Pinterest of course. Pinterest always has the best recipes just like this pretzel recipe
We had to channel our "inner Martha Stewart" when making these pretzels. We'll admit pretzel making seemed so time consuming but wow the end result is AMAZING! We think yeast just became our new best friend. Now that we've conquered homemade pretzels maybe homemade rosemary bread is next!
Keep in mind making pretzels takes a LOT of patience. We promise if you don't rush through everything your pretzels will come out soft and buttery. The aroma coming out of your oven will make it all worth it. Once you see how great your pretzels look you'll be happy you made them from scratch. This particular recipe is fantastic too because the saltiness of the pretzel goes well with the spicy dip. Bravo to anything with roasted jalapenos!
If you're like us you're probably terrified of any recipes that call for yeast. Guess what you don't have to be! We have just a few "pretzel making" tips and a recipe that'll make it seem easy for just about anybody.

-when forming the shape of the pretzel it might help to hold the dough by the ends (the "U" shape) this helps to lengthen the dough so you have nice size pretzels
-keep a damp towel over your already shaped pretzels so the dough doesn't dry up
-when you're ready to bake off the pretzels make sure to spray the pans LIBERALLY


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