Raspberry and Thyme Tom Collins

We're going all "American Hustle" on you this time. You know us and cocktails, making and of course drinking them just comes as second nature to us. We could do it in our sleep (maybe) we've never tried but challenge accepted! The annual San Antonio Current Cocktail party is coming up, and it's 70's theme! Its pretty perfect for us because we love men in white suits i.e John Travolta. So, keeping with the theme we decided to take the popular drinks of the 1970's and add a little Dossier  flavor to them. First up, the Tom Collins, which is just perfectly fine, but we needed to get more "groovy" with it. Insert the raspberry and thyme. It's a great drink with lots of great flavor, the raspberry and thyme simple syrup takes this drink to a whole other level. Not to mention it's such a pretty color. Mix some of these up, put your bell bottoms on and get your boogy shoes ready!


Anonymous said...

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