The e.l.f Beauty Encyclopedia

Hey Guys, Happy Monday to you! I am sitting in jury duty right now trying to pass time so i thought i would share our newest "stamp of approval"! Wait for it...wait for it...

I have been using this since before Thanksgiving and i have to tell you i love it!

I really don't wear too much make-up, plus i barely started wearing it at all. So needless to say i needed something fool proof. I got this to try & see if i would be able to even create make-up looks, and let me tell you i have. I feel like such an expert sometimes...
It comes in the shape of a book and inside you get 12 neutral colors {ranging from light brown to purple}. On one side you have a whole step-by-step guide to help you create whatever look your going for. I really didn't follow these steps much, i just watched a lot of youtube videos, but the instructions are pretty in depth with pictures as guidance.

There are some colors that i wish were more pigmented, like the black color. I have had to get A LOT on my brush and even then it barely shows up. Most all of the other colors are superb, they go on well, blend well, and even show up on your skin well!
The best part about this palette is it's price point, it will cost you $5 big ole' smackers. So you can choose to get a subway foot long or this, now i love subway but i'd rather get this! 



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