Magazonday with a touch of floral!


Happy Magazonday Everyone! I was flipping through this months Glamour and saw all those adorable floral sandals, and it gave me this idea...(que the light bulb) why
not make your own removable flower to put on your sandals! If your thinking I'm a genius right now you are exactly right and I love you! So simple and so chic. Perfect for Spring!

1.) Just get any synthetic flower, mine is from Walmart, some god ol' trusty clips, and you'll also need a hot glue gun, which I forgot to put in this picture but hey you got the idea.
2.) Cut off the stem of the flower and put hot glue on the top of the clip.
3.) Simply hold the clip to the back of the flower, and let it dry (repeat with a second flower)
4.) Clip on any pair of sandals your gonna rock that day and voila a perfect pair of floral sandals




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