My apologies ladies for slacking on my "12 days of Stila" but I think you'll forgive me when you see this fabulous copper eye. This is number 2 on my Stila palette but if you dont have this palette any copper, light orange or brown color that you have will do! I must warn you first, do not wear this shadow, or any color that is in the RED family, if you are really tired. These colors will only make you look even more tired. So if you got your 8 hours dont be afraid to rock this look. Its sure to be a hit with even the MOST HEAVY lady!
Du-dunt chhhhhh!! (hahaha! I'll be here all week) 

1.) Apply the light orange your lid from from lash line to crease using your your fluffy brush
2.) Wet your brush and apply the copper color to your lid, wrap and blend under lower lash line.
3.) Blend the brown or sepia into your crease and under your lower lash line for a reverse cat eye effect
4.) Apply your eye liner, curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara



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