Belle of the Ball

For years our sister Emily has heard us talk about our prom memories. I'm sure she was probably tired of hearing all our stories but yesterday she finally got to experience prom for herself. You can bet we were a part of the whole process, we did her hair, makeup and Katy even gave her a mani pedi. She was one lucky girl if I say so myself. In the end she looked stunning and we can't wait to help her for next year's prom!

Even though I'm not going to prom I've been on prom overload lately. I've looked at a thousand hairstyles and watched hundreds of hair tutorials. If you haven't guessed yet I have the lucky task of doing my little sister Emily's hair for her prom. Talk about pressure!! I love Emily but boy is that girl picky. Luckily I stumbled across this prom updo that Emily loved.......phew! It was actually really simple, and I totally recommend it for any occasion. It looked fun, youthful and fancy all at the same time. Emily looked beautiful, I can't believe my little sister is all grown up (tear tear) 
So like Libby I got the lucky duty of doing Emily's makeup! It was fun and something I loooved doing. Emily and I both loved this purple eye. It was fun and youthful and just went perfect with her dress.

Prepping the Face 
First we had to even out her skin tone, I used the littlest amount of foundation, only under her eyes, around the nose, mouth and on trouble spots on her face. Then I used my Complexion Perfection Palette from Elf all over her face to set her foundation and to even out the rest of her skin tone and to take away  any redness.
Priming her eyes was a must! It helps keep the eyeshadow all night and makes the color POP that much more! I used a thin layer of my Elf Primer to her eye lids, let it dry before you add any eyeshadow.
I used a little bronzer on her forehead, down the nose, and around her cheeks to contour her face as well as add a healthy glow.

Makeup Time!
I first filled in her eyebrows, just using any black eyeshadow that I had. Make sure to use any color that matches the color of your eyebrows. Use an eyeliner brush to sweep on the color in strokes.

Her eyes were the most fun!!!
I used 4 different colors on her eyes. I used my Stila Color Wheel Palette (fuchsia section) 
1. Use the lightest pink from the lash line up to the brow bone and in the inner corner of your eye. 
2. Apply pink to your lid and blend upwards
3. Apply the fuchsia with a blending brush into your crease and in the "V" shape at the corner of your eye. Wrap the fuchsia down under the eye as well.
4. I used my Purple color from Elf in "Punk Funk" and I applied that to her entire eye lid blending well 
The key to this look is to BLEND BLEND BLEND!  
5. I used a white eyeliner on the water line of her eyes to brighten them
6. Then I used a purple eyeliner on her top and bottom lash lines. I winged out the eyeliner on her top lash line just a bit to add a little bit more glam.
6. I applied individual lashes just to the ends of her lashes to add that subtle winged look
(I used Elf's individual lash kit)
7. Curl your lashes and then apply your favorite mascara.
I wanted to make sure her makeup stayed all night so my adding powder products over the wet products makes sure that happens.
I used my Elf cream blush in Pink Lemonade on the apples of her cheeks and blended upwards.
2. Then I just swept a light layer of my powdered Elf blush in Pink Passion on top of the cream blush.  
I used 3 different color of lipstick on her lips
1. Just using any lip brush I used a nude color first as a base on her lips
2. I added a red lipstick on top of the nude
3. For that pop of pink I added a hot pink color on top of the red
4. Add a little gloss to the center of your bottom lip.
Finish with a spritz of your Elf Makeup Mist and Set, to set your makeup all night!
Now your all done up and looking glamorous!

Hey bloggers its the little sister, Emily! I want to give a big thank you to my amazing sisters for helping me get ready for my first prom! Thanks to Libby for using all 33 bobby pins and a tight rubber band to hold my gorgeous hair, Katy for painting my firetruck red nails, and Mandy for giving me my glamorous purple eyes! They made my first prom memorable, and I can't thank them enough!



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