Farewell friend....

Oprah has been in our lives since we were just little girls. Everyday we'd come home from school and at 4:00 on channel 12 there she'd be. We have learned so much over the years from the Oprah Winfrey Show. She is the only thing that has been constant from our younger years to teenage years all the way to now. Oprah has opened our eyes to so many things. She has been the greatest teacher we have ever known. The show she had about Puppy Mills, crushed our hearts while the show about Texting and Driving opened our eyes. The countless shows she's had about kindness have inspired us to do good. Every show Oprah has had has helped shape us into the women we are today. She has taught us about love, forgiveness, kindness and so many other things. Even though she is technically going to OWN, she will no longer be greeting us at 4:00 in our living room. Words cannot express the gratitude we have for Oprah, and how much we will truly miss her company in the afternoon.
The TOP 10 things we learned from Oprah
1. Don't TEXT and DRIVE...EVER!
2. The right bra can change your life
3. Puppy Mills are real & horrible. Don't buy from a pet shop, adoption is best!
4. Look out for that "AHA" moment, and listen to it
5. Be comfortable in your own body, your weight will always fluctuate so love yourself!
6. Be Kind
7. Pay it forward
8. Do good just to do it, expect nothing in return
9. Follow your passion and you'll never work a day in your life!
10. Be aware of the world around you, and always lend a helping hand!



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