Texan girl's know best....


During the summer our go to drink is a margarita....ok ok all year round that's our drink of choice. So it's pretty safe to say we've tried our fair share of margie's, we even consider ourselves "official" margarita taste tester's. And yes some of the BEST margarita's come from San Antonio. But unfortunately there was one margarita we just didn't care for. The Skinny Girl Margarita by Bethenny Frankel. Bethenny is one of our favorite reality stars, man that girl is funny as heck. But her version of a margarita just didn't do well with our taste buds. It seems like a fresh take on the margarita and most of you probably really enjoy it. It's a healthier take on a margie.....unfortunately it missed the mark with us. If you're looking for a guilt free margarita we say go for it......but honestly our margie's are the one thing we don't skimp out on.



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