Happy Tuesday! I already miss the weekend..I'd love to share with you some of the activities I've been up to....ok maybe just one. Hanging out at the pool! It's so hot in S.A that's the only place we want to be. Now I'm not one of those girls that "lays" out and gets tan....are you kidding me I don't tan I get VERY VERY dark. I'm that girl that spends ALL her time in the water. When we were little Katy, Mandy and I would spend all summer in our pool. If you ask us our fav summer memory we'd tell you it was lounging by the pool eating frozen fruit. Aaaaah memories. Since we were at the pool I decided to do a "Whats in my pool bag" Now I don't have anything fancy just your basic snacks, water, reads and hat. (I've been obsessing over this hat ever since I got it @ Forever 21)  If you look closely I even used my DIY beach bag. What a relaxing day....can't wait to do it again!



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