spice up your life

Shirt- Forever21/ Pants- WalMart/ Heels, Bracelets & Necklace- Forever21

It just so happens 13 is my favorite number (Taylor Swift's got nothing on me!) and it's suiting that this is one of my favorite outfits. Ive been loving the "necklace over a buttoned up shirt" look for some time now, i just never tried it. I thought i couldn't pull it off, but i feel like it works. Especially with my "Carrie Bradshaw" bun. What say you?

I love this shirt! It's so flowy and light, it's a size medium and it still feels a little big, way to make a girl feel skinny Forever21....props! 

Did you notice my nails? Their such a fun polka dot design. I'm doing a ladybug nail on Libby tonight, perfect for summer! Do you have any favorite nail designs? 


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