DIY: Rope Headband

Hello Lovely readers!!! Today is Magazonday and i have a great one for ya! A rope headband is the mission this monday and this is so easy to make. The hardest part is tying the knot, and even that isn't hard.

Here's what you'll need:
Now to tie the knot here's what you'll do:

I used 6 strands of rope all the same length, you can use less or more...whatever your little heart desires.

Split the amount of rope your using in half and make two loops, I did two loops of 3 strands. Name them A & B, this will make it easier.

Take loop B and put it under A, it'll now look like an oval, then take the ends of loop A and feed them through loop B, and your done!

Pull tight and the knot will become smaller.
Then take the ends of the rope and hot glue them around the rubberband.

DONE! Told you it was easy!
Good Luck if you try this!


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