Running- Running is my release. I've been running for about a year and this month I decided to take it to the next step. Marathon training is in full effect!!

Ice Breakers Frost- I know what your thinking "breath mints, really?" But I promise you these are magic! One mint and I was hooked. Its the right amount of mint and leaves your breath so fresh. Love 'em!

F21 straw hat- When I found this hat at Forever 21 I was in LOVE! If I had it my way I would never take it off..it's so chic and best of all it blocks those harsh sunrays

Revlon moon drops lipstick (hot coral)- This color is sooo hot!! I'm loving it so much I just want to wear it everywhere. Its such a great color for summer. Defiantly recommend it to everyone.

Revlon just bitten (passion & flame)- I really like this stain. The color is so great for everyday wear and it stays on for hours. I'm so lazy at reapplying so this is great for the lazy ladies like me ;)

Revlon lipstick "Fire & Ice"- My makeup for the summer is the bare minimal with a fun bright lip color. Revlon has some fantastic colors like my Fire & Ice color. Perfect!

Harajuku Lovers "G" perfume- this is my favorite this summer. It's light and it smells like coconut...I couldn't ask for anything better!

Lays Chips "Garden Tomato & Basil"- these chips are so yummy! They are the perfect pair to a good summer sandwich!

Revlon Grow Luciuos Plumping mascara- This mascara makes my lashes so big, plus it's waterproof!

Glitter Guide- One of my favorite bloggers, Sterling Style, has created one of my favorite websites. It is a daily read for me....check it out!

Kraft sandwich shop mayo "Garlic & Herb"- This mayo will take your sandwich over the top...I ate a sandwich almost everyday last week just so i could have this mayo....my mouth is salivating just thinking about it! 

American Apparel "Neon Yellow" nail polish- I just decided to try this polish from AA, cause i wanted something REALLY neon. This polish is great, two coats and voila neon nails! Perfect for summer!


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