Gettin Ripped!


You might be a lot more craftier than me, and if you are I envy you, but for some reason the crafty DIY gene passed me up, how rude! I guess no one could anticipate that one day I would be writing a blog with my crafty DIY inherited sisters.  So, I wont be making a necklace or a beach bag. I'm doing something better...A SHIRT! Beat that Libby and Katy! Alriiight so I'm not ACTUALLY making a shirt, c'mon who do you think I am, but I am cutting one up.
This is way more fun and theres no sewing machine or hot glue gun involved. I'm a simple girl so this was something I knew I could do. All you need to do is cut and pin. If this seems daunting don't worry I was having anxiety over what shirt to use and where should I make the cuts and how big should they be. Blah blah blah. Forget all that because seriously you cant mess this up (I don't think)

You just need to find a shirt, purchesed or one that you dont mind cutting up. Lay it on a flat surface and cut away (obviously) When you have all your slits made just pin up a few of them in random places. I wont make this seem any harder than it is. Really ladies thats all you need to do. It looks so rocker girl and I love it!
Have fun ladies!


If you have any other simple DIY's you know of feel free to let me know. I like to pretend I have a crafty bone in my body.


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