Repeat Offender

I am a repeat offender twice, i'm wearing the exact same pants two days in a row, plus i wore the same shirt with only a day in between. 

I'm such a rebel!
Pants- Walmart/ Dress worn as a shirt- Forever21/ Shoes & Necklace- F21/ Leopard headband- DIY

I found these pants at Walmart a while back. I tried them on but said heck no when i saw they were $20. I went back the other day and they were half off, so i bought em'. So far i'm liking them, they served me well two days in a row. 

 I've decided to replace these black pants with either the khakis or my blue-jean skirt...i'll let you know which one i choose.
Pants- Walmart/ Shirt- thrifted/ Scarf- vintage/ Earrings- Target/ Shoes- F21

Not only am i a repeat offender, but i'm also a copy-cat. I watched Inception last night and fell in love with how Ellen Page wears her scarfs in the movie. I tried it and i loved it. It wasn't even that hot, and thats important in Texas when your wearing a scarf in summer. 

I am so happy that i have successfully completed a full week of 30x30, it has definitely been a challenge, but getting out of your comfort zone never hurt anyone right!
23 days left....

PS- did you see my neon yellow nails? i am in love!


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