Link it up!

  • I recently was shown this video thanks to my friend Benji (thanks ben!!) It's so hilarious and has MAJOR stars making HUGE cameo's. If you like the Beastie Boys this link is for you and if you just like A list celebrities acting hilarious well then click away.
  • Michelle Phan is genius, I mean what greater compliment can you get. They called Einstein a genius for crying out loud. Its HUGE!! (your welcome Michelle) I love all her videos and especially this one. I love this summery look she did and I'm determined to rock this before summer is over. Can't get enough of her!
  • When I watch this flash mob video it ALWAYS makes me soooo happy. I mean grin from ear to ear even a little teary eyed  happy. Don't say I didn't warn ya
  • I recently stumbled on the blog Dear Photograph. It's so neat, and fun to look at all the pictures and messages!  I'm dying to send in my own!
  • I am determined to master this water marbling nail art.....but until then I'll settle for these strawberry nails!
    Hope you like some of our favorite links....we still have ton's more up our sleeve so stay tuned till next week! 

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