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Hello Everyone, I'm Marissa from Style Cusp....

When it comes to my nails, I have an utter obsession with keeping them perfectly manicured and prettily painted. I refuse to walk out the door with chipped up polish or even naked nails. Though your nails are such a physically small part of your whole ensemble, they have the uncanny ability to speak volumes about a person. At least, I think so.

I am constantly changing my nail color (in case you haven't noticed in my outfit photos) and giving myself manicures. It saves time and money, both of which are precious to me. I usually designate a specific time during the week (such as during a tv show) to sit down and do my nails. My girlfriends and I often get together for our favorite shows and have nail parties! It's a great time to do your nails.
Lately, I've been just as into bright nail colors as I have brightly colored clothing. I've been rotating between bright yellow, bold blue, mint green, purple (not pictured here), and coral for the last month or so. But then, I got a little tired of just these shades and wanted to spice it up a little bit. Cue: new nail trend: paint your ring finger a contrasting color. At first sight, I didn't think I would like this trend. I had seen it out a few times on some other girls and thought it looked too tacky. But after trying it? I love it! It's a fun way to change up your manicure, especially if you're the type who can't decide on just one color (Ahem, me).
For shades like this, I opt to purchase cheaper drugstore polishes rather than designer ones. All of these pictured above are Sally Hansen XTreme Nailwear via Target and are no more than $3 a pop. Perfect for a nail polish splurge! I can get a good week's wear out of this polish, along with a clear top coat. The XTreme wear is probably some of the best drugstore polish I've tried!

What do you think? Do you like the nail trend and would you try it yourself? With color blocking being such a huge trend, why not color block your nails, too?

Thanks to The Style Dossier for letting me guest post, feel free to check out my blog, Style Cusp!



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