5 Rules!

Today Emily, our little sister, is helping out with my post. I wanted to do something that would help you transition your summer clothes into fall, and just get ready for fall in general. A new school year means that fall is just around the corner and we should all be prepared right?!

These are five rules i'm gonna follow while i'm gearing up for the arrival of fall, and even long after fall arrives.
These red pants are definitely WOW! They take these somewhat drab of colors and perks them right up....everyone's eyes will be on you and isn't that what every girl wants? You could use the bold color as your neutral and base your outfit around them, that's what we did here! 
 Plus, hang on to your gingham shirts, they work during fall too!
Replace those blue jean cut off's, with a skirt. By taking a basic skirt, any color....black, brown or whatever you have, it will really transform your summer tops. This top is sort of like a halter, so we added the sweater. You could add a blazer and your summer top will be perfect for fall. I love doing this during fall, it definitely saves money, plus if you love a shirt you should be able to wear it year round!
This is one of my favorite things to do, adding a pop of leopard! It really gives the outfit a more edgy and chic feel. We added the leopard print flats for a fun youthful look, plus the leopard scarf on Emily's head really brings it all together. Without the leopard this outfit would just look very basic & preppy. 
Another great thing for fall is wearing a shear collared blouse under a cropped sweater. We didn't have a cropped sweater so we just folded this one up, it works like a charm!
When i was in high school everyone dressed very casual, including me. Whenever you would wear a dress or a little extra jewelry, people would constantly be asking what the special occasion was. It was always so frustrating, why can't you just want to look nice? Well i say dress up! Don't be afraid...throw on your pretty diamond necklaces, do a top knot and just feel fabulous, it'll be a great ego boost with all the ooooh's & aaaaah's you'll be getting! ;)
Adding a jacket to a summer dress is always the easiest way to transform it into a fall outfit. This is especially fun with floral dresses. This striped pink dress is so perfect for summer, but it also looks so fall ready with the army green jacket. You could even add tights and some boots when it gets even colder!

This was our first successful photo shoot! We shot on location, Libby did all Emily's hairdo's, Mandy beautified Emily with her makeup, and i styled her clothes! 

Thanks Mills for being our "barbie doll"!


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