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Happy Monday! We have a treat for y'all this week. It's all about Back to School here @ The Style Dossier. We have some great tutorials & fashion tips comin' your way. Plus we put our little sister Emily to work this week. She was our "barbie doll" we pricked & pruned @ her for our outfit posts or should we say her outfit posts. And ready or not she's writing her first post too...boy she's a busy girl!

This first look is so simple to recreate. It's a lot like the Twisted Swisster but in pony tail form.
Step 1. Part your hair which ever way you would like your pony tail.
Step 2. Take two pieces of hair & criss cross one over the other.
Step 3. Once these pieces are crossed add more hair to each section & begin to cross the hair again
Step 4. Make sure you are grabbing all of your hair all the way down your head including the sides
Step 5. Continue to twist your hair all the way down till you reach the top of your neck & tie up with a rubber band
Step 6. Take the loose hair from the twisted pony tail & simply braid the leftover hair
Step 7. Twist the end of the braided ponytail into a bun
Step 8. Take your bobby pins & pin the bun into place. Make sure it's nice & secure. Add hairspray for extra hold
Step 9. Rock that twisted updo!

The next hairdo is a wavy pompadour. I used my flat iron to create my curls. It's the fastest way I achieve my loose waves. This look is chic but classic & totally easy to do!
Step1. Take your flat iron & run it through your hair once to heat up your hair
Step 2. Take the same piece of hair & begin to run the flat iron through it again only this time halfway down start to rotate the flat iron clockwise
Step 3. Turn the flat iron once and pull it straight straight down through your hair all the way to the ends.  Keep in  mind the slower you pull the flat iron through your hair the tighter the curl. The faster you pull the flat iron through your hair looser the curl
Step 4. Grab some hair @ the very top of your head & start to tease it adding extra volume
Step 5. Take some bobby pins & pin back the hair you just teased. Adjust your bump as high or flat as you'd like. Spray with a light hold hairspray & voilĂ  done!

These two looks are chic & easy. Perfect for a girl who has only 15 minutes to do her hair. Which is pretty much me everyday :) enjoy and don't hit the books to hard!


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