Fresh Faced!

If your like me and want a quick and easy makeup routine in the mornings, this is for you!
I think being fresh faced and not to overdone for school is the way to go, especially for teens. Wearing to much makeup just makes you look older and trust me when I say,
that is the last thing you wanna do when your young.
Here's a quick and natural look that will look so great!



Step 1: Start with a clean face and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
Step 2: Use your concealer to cover up any blemishes you might have and any under eye circles that have formed from all your long nights of studying (wink wink)
Step 3: Add a bright pink blush to the apples of your cheeks, this will give you that healthy glow and brighten up your face!
Step 4: Add a gold eye shadow or any natural shade that you have to your entire lid, avoid a smokey eye or any dark shadow. You wanna look youthful and awake.
Step 5: If you need to, go ahead and fill in your brows, but if not just use a clear eyebrow gel on your eyebrows. This will just give them more depth and make sure they look shaped!
Step 6: Curl your lashes. Try not to skip this step this opens your eyes and makes you look like you got your 8 hours, even if you didn't!
Step 7: Apply your favorite mascara, Two coats preferably 
Step 8: Apply a rosy lip gloss, this adds color and shine and completes your "Au naturale" look!
 Step 9: DONE!!



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