Hey dossier readers, its the little sister Emily! First off I wanna thank my sisters for letting me be apart of their Back to School posts. I had so much fun being their little "barbie doll". I definitely have five new outfits for my upcoming senior year, plus lots of hair and makeup tips!

Speaking of senior year I'm very excited to enter school being the big dog on campus! I'm also looking forward to Homecoming & senior week! Dressing up like an old lady on senior citizen day and wearing so many mums you can't even see my shirt for homecoming! Football games are another thing I'm looking forward to! Being in the marching band all four years has made me miss out on sitting with my friends in the stands, but I think being able to be on the football field and have the crowd go crazy for us makes up for it!

One word PROM!! I think that word just says it all. My junior year was fun but Senior year will take the cake! Getting all dressed up with my hair & make-up & dancing the night away. I can't wait to see what my sisters come up with this year (check out what I wore to my junior prom...gorgeous dress huh?)

Who can forget graduation, its the one big thing seniors look forward to the most and I'm no different. I'm a little scared of growing up but I'm excited for the adventure of college, even though I'm still undecided on which one I want to attend!

Well this was very fun and I'm sure my sisters will keep you posted on my senior activities! Do you have any tips for my senior year.....I'd love to hear 'em!

PS- i've decided to be more adventurous in lots of ways......especially style-wise!


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