summer diggin'

Summer is officially coming to a close this weekend, but for us Texans we'll still have summer weather for about a month and a half. 
These are all the things we have loved during summer and will probably (most likely) still love during fall!digs
Blueberry Lemonade - During the summer I'm always looking for a way to cool down this blueberry lemonade does the trick. It's sweet & tangy just perfect for summer or anytime.

Hats - I've been OBSESSED with hats for summer. Fedora, floppy you name it I love it. They are the perfect accessory especially if you don't feel like brushing your hair ;)

Bohemian twist - This bohemian twist is my lifesaver during the summer. It gets all the hair out of my face & in this tx heat that makes me rejoice. 

eos lip-balm- this lip-balm has been perfect for summer, it's easy to apply because of the dome shape, plus it's the fruitiest flavor....summerfruit!

Revlon matte eyeshadow "Peach Sorbet" - This eyeshadow color is so perfect it gives you the right amount of color without being too heavy. 

All-American Rejects pandora station- this station is so perfect for days by the pool or the beach, i know i'm gonna keep summer going by listening to it year round!

Revlon Just Bitten lip-stain "Flame"- this lip-stain has been on my lips since the start of summer, it's the perfect shade of reddish-pink! I'm excited to wear it into fall!

Revlon Lipstick-fire & ice -  Red lipstick is my go to item for summer, it makes me feel so put together. It will definitely be my winter go to as well

Seaweed deep cleansing facial wash from The Body Shop - its makes my skin feel so soft and its just right for combination skin like mine. Its great for everyday use.

Mossimo pleated shorts - I'm in love with them and have worn them for 4 days straight (I washed them of course) they can be dressed up or down and are so comfortable for the hot days in Texas.

White satchel - I have used my satchel almost every day during the summer. I'm obsessed with it! I got it a thrift store & it's one of my greatest finds...it's definitely one of my favorite dossier digs!

Big Red-a-rita (bomb pop) - I love love love this drink! It combines two of my fav drinks...Big Red and a margarita!! It may sound strange but I assure you the outcome is "the bomb" and it tastes just like a bomb pop, coincidence? I think not.



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