my secret weapon....

The other day I asked my sisters one question. What hair tutorial should I do next? I thought they would say something like a fishtail braid (which I'm working on by the way) but Katy said "voluminous ponytail" the only problem was I used to not be able get mine very voluminous...until now. I heard that dry shampoo gives extra volume but wow that's an understatement. It gave me a TON of volume that lasted all day. Voluminous ponytail here I come!
                                                     rubber bands
                                                     teasing comb
                                                     rat tail comb
                                                     dry shampoo
                                                      bobby pins
1. Start by separating your hair into two ponytails. The crown makes one ponytail and the bottom section of your hair will make another. Leave out a small piece of hair from the bottom ponytail. You'll use that one piece to wrap around the finished ponytail.
2. Take down the top ponytail & gather your dry shampoo. Take a small section of hair from the crown & spray lightly with dry shampoo.
3. Then take your teasing comb & back comb that same exact section. Tease the entire crown. Leave the side parts unteased.
5. Gather up the teased top section of hair & tie up with the bottom ponytail. Very gently brush and smooth down the top of your ponytail.   
6. Take the end of your rat tail comb & start lifting the top section of your hair for extra lift. Make sure to only lift small sections little by little. You don't want the whole ponytail to come undone.
7. Take the piece of hair left out from the bottom ponytail & wrap it around your rubber band. Pin the hair underneath your ponytail out of sight.
8. Spray lightly with hairspray.

I absolutely love this ponytail! I'm not really your "average" ponytail kind of girl so this fits me perfectly. Hopefully I taught Katy & maybe y'all a thing or two. Who knew dry shampoo would be my secret weapon. Good luck!



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