How To: Leopard Print Nails

Now that we are in the midst of fall (YAY!) it's time to change up our nail polish. I love wearing dark colors, it makes me feel all cozy. 

Since leopard print is gonna be HUGE this fall i thought i would show you guys how to do leopard print nails. These are perfect for fall! I know my fingers will be rockin' these A LOT!

Here are 2 easy ways to achieve leopard print nails....

Step 1- Start with your nails painted in the color of your choice for the background of the leopard print. I used Revlon's Copper Penny.

Step 2- Take a second color of your choice ( I used Revlon's Hot for Chocolate) to start painting the leopard spots, make sure not to use too much polish. A thin coat is all you need. These can be as messy or as clean as you'd like. Make sure they are all different shapes and sizes. Add some little dots in any empty spaces. 

Step 3- Take either a nail art pen or small nail art brush and start outlining the spots. Draw little C's on the outside of the spots, making sure they are all different directions and sizes. You can also use a toothpick, it works just fine! I used the black Kiss Nail Artist pen.

Step 4- Continue outlining all your spots. Make sure to not enclose any of the spots with the outline, there should be many gaps around all the spots.

Step 5- Apply a top coat, and clean up any mistakes.

Step 6- Done! 

Step 1- Apply the color of your choice for the background of the leopard print to your nails. I used Revlon's Siren.

Step 2- Take your nail art pen or brush and starting in the center of your nail draw two C's.

Step 3- Staying near the first 2 C's you drew finish the leopard print with many more C's. Continue this all over your nail. Add little dots in any empty spaces.  

Step 4- Apply a top coat and your Done!


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