3 is better than 1!

Hello ladies! Guess what time it is? Time for another 3 way style....yay!!! This time we had a hard time picking what to style up. We've been having some seriously awesome weather in Texas lately so we decided to do a blue jean/ chambray shirt. There are so many ways to wear a shirt like this, but here's 3 ways we wore it!  
I've been DYING to wear my flashy dress somewhere. So what better place than our 3 way style right! This chambray shirt over it has been one of my favorite outfits. It's casual meets fancy...love love love! I have a feeling this outfit will be making another appearance soon. Plus if you notice I'm wearing one of my birthday presents...my watch. I love it so much it "sleeps" next to me every night. Hey what can I say this girl loves her watch!
I was hoping to do blue jean on blue jean, but alas nothing was working for me. I decided to layer this shirt up instead. I am always in awe at Blair's (from Atlantic-Pacific) layering skills, that girl can rock layers like no other. So I channeled my inner Blair. I just put my favorite Army vest over the blue jean shirt, put a dress under it and voila! I really like how it looks! It's casual but has a certain flair to it! Im excited to be able to layer more now, since the weather is a changin'...  
I've been really into shorts lately and these are no exception. I was going for a casual but also sorta dressed up look. The shorts are a little dressy and the top is a lot more casual. I think I succeeded. And bonus points, this outfit is so comfortable. Who doesn't love that!



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