Nail It!

I am way excited for the Missoni for Target collection, Sept 13 cant come fast enough! I love all of their cute zig zag designs, I thought why not put em on my nails! They are so perfect as accent nails, plus they'll add a little flair to your outfit! 

scotch tape
6 nail polish colors (your choice)
nail art brush 
dotting tool or toothpick
nail polish remover
clear top & base coat

Step 1- Start with bare clean nails, apply a base coat and tape off your nail into 3 sections. You should use very thin strips of tape.

Step 2- Start painting your 3 main colors in the 3 sections you just taped off. (I am using a baby blue, an orange-y pink and a maroon) You can choose any colors you would like.

Step 3- After your 3 sections of main colors are dry, carefully peel off the tape. You should have 5 sections now, 3 with colors and 2 blank. 

Step 4- Start painting another color of your choice into the 2 blank sections, (I am using a yellow). Im using a nail art brush, but you can use the nail polish brush, it will work just fine. Don't worry if you make mistakes, the zig zags were gonna create will hide most of them.

Step 5- Once your 2 sections have dried you can start creating the zig zags. I am using a copper color, and drawing the zig zags with a dotting tool. Apply the zig zags in between each color, this will make the design look cleaner and more uniform. For the zig zags you are gonna need to use very little polish, this will make it apply smoother and not so clumpy. If you don't have a dotting tool, the top part of a needle or a toothpick will work great.

Step 6- Apply the second color of zig zags, I am using a dark brown.

Step 7- Now you'll want to clean up any polish on your skin for a cleaner look.

Step 8- Once your design is dry apply a top coat. I used my design as an accent nail. I took a color from the design and painted the rest of my nails with it, you can do this if you'd like or continue on all your nails. 

Step 9- And your Done! I tried to stay true to the colors in their particular pattern, but feel free to use any colors of your choice! Have Fun!


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