DIY: Halloween Nail Art

I've been seeing so many Halloween nail art tutorials lately.....like this, this and this. They've inspired me so much that i wanted to share some of my own with you guys! These are so fun to rock on one finger or, all over. 
The first and probably easiest is the Orange crackle, if you aren't into all the nail art designs this would probably suit you better!
Just use your favorite orange polish, then top it with a black crackle polish!
Then there's the classic Candy Corn nail art....these are so fun to rock.
Start with yellow polish (all over).....wait till it dries and tape off two sections to paint orange & white. 
I love this one.....Lil' Frankie's! It's my take on Frankenstein...
Start with lime green nails...(if you don't have lime green, you can layer colors, i used a pastel green and layered a neon yellow over top)....add a black crackle polish. Once it dries take a dotting tool and white nail polish to make his eyes, add a small black dot to finish the eye.
I had so much trouble with the blood splatter, but it turned out as my favorite nail. Once you get the hang of it, nothing can stop you!
Make sure you tape off the skin around your nail, this is very messy.
(you may not want to use you favorite polish as this uses a lot)
The easiest way to do this splatter effect is to take a straw and dip it into your red polish. Take your straw out of the nail polish slowly,you should see a bubble starting to form on the top of the bottle. Once you see the bubble slide the straw slowly across the top of the bottle, so that the bubble stays in tact on your straw. Look at the straw and make sure there is a bubble on the end, if there is, move quickly over your white polished nail and blow through the straw onto your nail. The polish should burst out of your straw leaving a red mess all over your nails. Don't worry this is GOOD! Wait till the polish dries and then rip off your tape, revealing your awesome blood splattered nails!
These spiderwebs nails are so fun!
Start with a color of your choice as the base color, i chose black. Using a nail art pen, draw a tiny spiderweb in the corner of your nail.  

Don't forget to protect all your designs with a top coat!


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