How to do 80's hair

A few weekends ago, we went to an 80's party, of course 80's attire was a must! I was wanting to try something totally different with my hair. Anytime I do 80's hair a crimped side ponytail is my go to, but this time i wanted to go classic 80's.

These bangs are sooooo 80's, I looked like i walked right out of an 80's music video!
Next time you have to do some 80's hair, try rockin' these huge 80's bangs, people will think you walked right out of your hot tub time machine! 
80shairrsz_80shair_stepsHere are the step to creating your awesome 80's hair!

Step 1- Crimp your hair for that ultimate 80's look (this step is optional)
Step 2- Bring all your bangs to the front of your face, then separate them into 2 sections.
Step 3- Curl your top section of your bangs backwards, you want them to roll backwards.
Step 4- Now curl the last section of your bangs forward.
Step 5- Tease the top section of your bangs so they will be a little fuller. 
Step 6- Take a big round brush and start rolling your bangs while you spray it with hairspray.
Step 7- If your bangs don't stand up on their own, pin your bangs back into a big curl, then BLAST them with hairspray.
Step 8- Take your round brush and roll your bangs while spraying them with hairspray just like in step 6.

Now just BLAST your bangs, as well as your hair with hairspray, the more the better!
Don't forget to rock Mandy's awesome 80's makeup with your hair for the ultimate 80's look!


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