How to get Golden Globes Hair

Don't ya just love January. It's the beginning of award season! That pretty much means every Sunday my sisters and I will be glued to the t.v. Did y'all see the Golden Globes? I have to say Charlize Theron was my absolute favorite. Her headband was beautiful, where can I find one for myself? One thing that caught my eye was the hairstyle of the night (you know me, hair is my first love) Almost everyone was rockin' that relaxed, undone, almost beachy waves.
I recently discovered how to get this effortless look in
 just 4 steps, plus I read that models swear by this so needless to say it's a guaranteed winner! It's one of those looks that's ready to go when you first wake up in the morning, ya I knew that would grab your attention!
Step 1. Start with dry hair, add a little bit of mousse to your hair but don't saturate it. You want your hair just a little damp.
Step 2. Take your curling iron and wrap 1 inch sections of hair around the barrel for about 10 seconds.
Once you've curled all your hair hit the sack. Don't worry your hair will stay curly until the next morning.
Step 3. When you wake up take a spray bottle and fill it with a little bit of conditioner and water. Lightly spray all over your hair.
Step 4. Scrunch your hair with your fingers. This keeps your hair mouisturized & smelling  great without drying it out.
Just a few easy steps to great relaxed, beachy, undone waves. I wrapped my hair a little tighter around the barrel just because my hair is a little shorter. Just remember the looser you wrap the hair around the barrel the looser the curl.

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