How to do a fishtail braid

You know what I love? That braids are still all the rage. Any kind of braid is popular. My favorite braid is the fishtail braid, I can finally say its my favorite because I FINALLY accomplished it. It took me a good few weeks to get it right. But since my hair is shorter I can't necessarily wear a fishtail as a ponytail. I recruited my little sister Emily for this hair tutorial, she has the Rapunzel hair. Instead I have to resort to mini fishtail braids in my hair. That's ok I love mini braids in hair they add just enough fun to any hairstyle. Don't ya think?
STEP 1. Start by separating hair into two sections
STEP 2. Take a back piece of hair from the right section
STEP 3. Bring it around the front of the right section
STEP 4. Join it with the left section
STEP 5. Take a back piece of hair from the left section of hair
STEP 6. Bring it around the front of the left section & join it with the right section of hair
STEP 7. Keep repeating STEPS 2-6 all the way down till you reach the end of your ponytail. As you cross each piece of hair make sure to pull the hair tightly so it doesn't come undone.
STEP 8. When you reach the end of the ponytail tie it off with a rubber band
If it's easier tie your hair with a rubber band first than start your braid like Emily did with her hair. Also if you have shorter hair like mine use this technique for a mini fishtail braid

If y'all have any new braided looks don't forget to share them here. I love learning new ways to do my hair


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