Margarita's with a braid on the side

Fiesta isn't all about food, margarita's & cascarones. Ok maybe it's all about margaritas!! But it's also about fashion & accessories for us. We want to be fashionable & COOL @ the same time (it tends to be in the upper 90's during Fiesta) So anytime I can pull my hair off my neck is a blessing. For those of you that live in TX 'm glad you can relate to us :) I usually just wear my hair curly for fiesta but this year I'm really into braids so yes this tutorial has a braid, I knew y'all wouldn't mind

STEP 1. Gather your hair into a twist on one side
STEP 2. Take your bobby pin & secure the twist down
STEP 3. Pull the remaining hair into a side ponytail
STEP 4. Braid the side ponytail
STEP 5. Grab one strand of hair from the end of the ponytail, pull that exact piece
STEP 6. As you pull that piece of hair from the ponytail, push the braid up @ the same time
STEP 7. Now that your bun is pushed up take your bobby pins & pin it into place
STEP 8. Since the bun is finally pinned into place add a flower right @ the ear

*I like to spray a little dry shampoo right @ the roots for a little extra hold & volume



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