Milk Maid Braids for shorter hair

milkmaidbraid Let's face it finding hairstyles for shorter hair is a little difficult. Now that katy recently cut her hair we're all ridin' the "girl's with short hair" train. Hey in this Tx heat a girl needs a major haircut! I miss a lot of styles I used to do with my longer hair. The one style I miss the most is the milk maid braids. Now I have to resort to a little imagination to come up with "shorter" hairstyles. This hairstyle is incredibly easy. All you need is bobby pins & some hairspray. So from now on just call me Olga!

STEP 1. Grab a section of hair from right above your ear. Don't worry about the rest of your hair you're going to leave it down anyways.
STEP 2. Start braiding that section of your hair. I like to start braiding right where my ear is.
STEP 3. Take that piece of hair that you just braided & bring it to the opposite side of your head.
STP 4. Once that braid is brought to the opposite side of your head secure it with bobby pins. Try to conceal the bobby pins as much as possible. Set with hairspray
*repeat these exact steps on the opposite side of your hair



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